checking the quality of support

Checking the Quality of Support


What matters

  • People with learning disabilities and family carers having a key role in improving the quality of support
  • People with learning disabilities and family carers knowing how to speak up about poor support
  • People providing support knowing what good support looks like from the perspective of people receiving it

How we can help

Together Matters is able to help in a range of ways including:

  • Help support providers, advocacy groups or local authorities to develop a quality checking service
  • Provide quality checking training for people with learning disabilities and family carers
  • Our quality checkers can talk about good support from their perspective and the possible problems of poor support

Resources to help

We have listed free resources which you can download by clicking on the link.

‘Keeping an eye on things’ chapter of Thinking Ahead

This section of Thinking Ahead tells families:

  • Some of the things to think about when choosing somewhere to live and/or choosing support
  • Tips about how to keep an eye on, and contribute to, the quality of support
  • What they should do if they have concerns about the quality of support