Our latest resource

An easy-read guide to help people think about, and plan for, the world of work.

‘How to be part of the world of work’

A guide full of ideas to encourage conversations and create opportunities.

Welcome to Together Matters

Together Matters is an organisation based on the belief that talking, learning and working together help to create change in people’s lives.

We provide workshops, training and written resources to give ideas to people with learning disabilities, their families and supporters.

We aim to give people the information and tools they need to plan for a better future based on what’s important to them at different times in their lives.

Young People

Young people

  • Ideas and tools to plan for a good future
  • Preparing to be part of the world of work
  • Gaining skills and confidence about making choices
  • Being connected locally to people and places

Adult Life

Adult life

  • Ongoing planning and preparing for change
  • Choices about moving home and finding work
  • Planning for emergencies
  • Making the most of annual reviews

Growing Older

Growing older

  • Good support as people get older
  • Opportunities to be active and involved
  • Talking and learning about ageing
  • Thinking about choices in older age

Together Matters works alongside people with learning disabilities, their families, practitioners, organisations that provide support, self advocacy groups and anyone else interested in the work we are doing.

Together Matters offers fresh ideas, sound knowledge, easy to use resources and skills to provide training and service development. Our aim is to challenge and complement existing support and services, making the best use of things that work and overcoming those that prevent people having a good life.

Make the most of summer

Newsletter: July 2022

Make the most of summer: support people to explore interests and local connections

Summer is a great time to get out and explore what is happening locally.

Our latest planning guide, ‘How to be part of the world of work’, has lots of ideas about building links in your local community.

“When mum showed me the I’m Thinking Ahead thing I thought great – I started on the housing bit straight away, its brilliant I can do it on my laptop. I really want to leave home and this is helping me think about the stuff. I can see now there’s lots I need to do but I am going to do it and I am going to get my own place.”


im thinking ahead





Could I’m Thinking Ahead help you?
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“Thinking Ahead: a planning guide for families has been our bible for the last few years as our son, Lewis, has moved on from school and then college. We jump in and out of relevant sections: Making Decisions, Making Financial Plans, Housing and Support, Making an Emergency Plan have all been very useful.

We have recently started using ‘I’m Thinking Ahead’ which makes it easy for our son to express his likes and aspirations.

We thoroughly recommend these guides for families with SEN young adults.”

Michael Nelson