About Together Matters

Together Matters is a small organisation with big ideas about the importance of talking, learning and working together to help create positive change in people’s lives. It was set up in 2016, by Christine Towers, who has used her 40 years’ experience in support and development work to create planning guides and other resources for people with disabilities, their families and supporters.

Together Matters shares these free resources and also offers training and consultancy work which enables services and organisations to feel confident and skilled in future planning.

Together Matters works alongside:

  • People with learning disabilities
  • Families of people with learning disabilities
  • Organisations and services commissioning and providing support to people with disabilities
  • Organisations and services commissioning and providing support to family carers
  • Community organisations and services working to be more inclusive

What we do

Together Matters offers information and ideas to plan for new opportunities and positive changes at any time in people’s lives:

We offer:

  • Information and resources
  • Workshops for parents and family carers
  • Training for support workers and practitioners in social care, health, education, advocacy and carers’ organisations
  • Service development and consultancy around embedding future planning.

Together Matters aims to:

  • Put the knowledge and experience of people with learning disabilities and their families at the centre of what we do
  • Share ideas, learning and resources
  • Challenge and complement existing support and services
  • Make the best use of things that work and overcome those that prevent people having a good life.

When you work with us, you will get:

  • Team members who work hard to find ways for people with learning disabilities to have a good life
  • Flexible and creative ideas to help you or your organisation do things differently
  • Information that is practical and easy to understand
  • Workshops and training that help you find solutions 


Please get in touch with us to talk about what would be helpful. Share your ideas about what you want to do better and we will try to help.


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