Growing Older

Growing Older


What Matters

  • People with learning disabilities having the chance to talk about growing older with their peers and with people who support them
  • Family carers knowing how to check their relative is receiving the right support
  • Organisations and individuals who provide support knowing what helps people with learning disabilities to have a good life as they grow older


How we can help


Together Matters can help in a number of ways including:

  • Provide training for support staff and/or managers on supporting people to have a good life as they get older using the resources we developed for Pavilion Publishing
  • Run workshops to help people with learning disabilities understand what is happening as they grow older, including living with dementia, and how to cope with some of the challenges
  • Run workshops for family carers to enable them to assess whether their relative is getting the right support as they grow older
  • Work with organisations who want to provide better support for people with learning disabilities as they grow older

    Resources to help


    We have a range of free resources  for you to download by clicking on the link

    Growing Older Evaluation Toolkit Pdf

    The toolkit provides an assessment tool and action plan for organisations to improve support to people with learning disabilities as they grow older. It can also be used by families to check the quality of their relative’s support.

    Talking Together : Facilitating peer support activities to help people with learning disabilities understand about growing older and living with dementia pdf

    This handbook describes 20 activities to help people with learning disabilities to think and talk about the changes that may occur as they get older. The activities will be helpful to a variety of people including those working in housing and support, daytime activities and community teams.

    ‘Planning Ahead’ chapter in Intellectual Disability and Dementia pdf

    This book chapter, written by Christine Towers and Heather Wilkinson, is based on the ideas in Thinking Ahead for planning the future. It suggests ways in which practitioners can support families to think about the options, following a diagnosis of dementia, to make sure their relative is supported in a person-centred way.

    The information on this page has been written by Christine Towers of Together Matters. Last reviewed on June 8, 2020. We welcome your feedback on the content about Growing Older.